Our History
Since mid 80s, Captain CY Chu, a partner of Winpeak, has already been actively involved in the demolition business (with Winpeak Marchine acted as exclusive broker for Arthur Investment Ltd.) including buying vessels from China and selling them to India and Bangladesh. He was the one who involved in towing of 4 big tankers and delivered to Chinese yards, solving all the technical problems on these deadships with NO POWER as well as the project of purchasing, looking for old second hand vessels in China and delivered to India and Bangladesh.
Captain Peter Chu has, as early as 1985, presented a technical paper Ship Demolition in the 1st Marchintec China held in Shanghai. In 1999, he brought Green Peace and Shipowners in Europe to visit a demolition yard in China and assist the yard’s demolition procedures and guidelines etc approved.

Green Recycling

China, still remains as the most common place for reputable and responsible owners for scrapping their vessels in an environmental friendly way.

Our history of green recycling involvement goes back to the year of 1999 when we were taking Greenpeace as well as some other reputable European Shipowners to several demolition yards in China to give opinion and work together solutions not only to tackle some problems but to advance green recycling in the Demolitions Yards. Until very recently we are still involved in selling a number of ships to conduct Green Ship Recycling from reputable European Owners who are putting environmental issues onto one of their top of priorities.
Please click to show for the one real example of Green Ship Recycling we assist to perform in 2010

Results are satisfactory. Below are several factors that differentiate Chinese yards from others:

  1. No beaching at all therefore environmental damage can be easily controlled.
  2. (Great) Modern facilities to handle hazardous material onboard i.e. asbestos, mercury in lighting tubes etc.
  3. High level of awareness of the workers (against) on the environment as well as safety of the workers. Therefore environmental damage and injuries are minimized.
  4. Profound experience of identifying, locating, handling and disposing of the hazardous material, from workers up to senior level of management of the yards. Hazardous material is therefore removed at advance stage to prevent contamination of the area.

Green Ship Recycling is an result of combination of experience, communications and self awareness of individuals plus a sensible financial rewards, where only someone with certain history and background can deliver.