In Shipping, we at times have to alter our course, to steer from hazardous areas and finding the perfect route to destinations, incepted in 2006, South Express Limited, founders Capt. Peter Chu, Capt. C. Y. Chu and Terry Chu have seen the opportunities in Sales and Purchase of Commercial Ships, and so South Express Limited was there since (both Capt. Chus have served shipping industries for decades)

After enjoying the good years (baltic dry index has climbed from 2,500 to over 10,000 but collapsed to hard ground after Lehman brothers incident), at the worst times, South Express had once again found the light by shifting their focus in Ships scraping/recycling. There were record high of ships scrapped in 2008-2010, ship scarping yards were simply not big enough for taking all of the disposal ships. With the grace of God, and having the geographical advantages of sitting in front of China, the company had sold hundreds of scrap ships to China.

The word "Green Ship Recycling" has been with the company founders since the 1980's when they introduced Hamburg SUD as well with assistance to Green Peace, to China, they were believing China could be the biggest stop for Ship Scrapping and Recycling. And therefore, starting from 2010, the company has helped lots of good names who care the environment as much as their name to recycling their ships in china, including SWIRE SHIPPING / HAPAG LLOYD / MOL / WILHELMSEN / WALLENIUS / BW / HOEGH AUTOLINERS etc.

The company has been watching the shipping closely and seeing a stabilising market, with a slight upturn of world economy, following vessels were purchased in 2017. And now South Express Limited is focusing 100% in shipowning and ship managing. 


"Shipping is a business, it deserves a professional team of serious people to treat it seriously. We concern our ships as much as to our customers, welcome to talk to us anytime."